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Here I’ve listed a few fantastic people or places that have influenced me, taught me or whom with I collaborate!

Excelsior Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine

This is where I am studying to become a herbalist. It’s one of the best courses out there as you learn all aspects necessary to run a clinic, including business advice and you get all your required clinical hours (500hours) as part of the course. From the empirical to the scientific. Biomedicine, herbal medicine, biochemistry, mechanics, biology, botany, aromatherapy, clinical practices… the list goes on.

Excelsior Apprenticeships in Herbal Medicine offers Northern Ireland’s first accredited practitioner-level herbal training program. Based in South Belfast, renowned herbalist Danny O’Rawe curated this program to provide the highest level of training possible. Danny is an incredible mentor and herbalist.

The course is accredited to the Irish Registry of Herbalist and may include more accreditations in the near future.

Herbs of Grace

Herbs of Grace is a network of Herbalist & Foragers throughout Ireland focussed on the teaching as well as clinical and research aspects of Herbal Medicine.

Bernard Harris MNIHM is behind this. He is an encredible powerhouse for all things Herbal as well as Fungi. I am currently working with him on numerous cool projects. Notably his plant school, herbal walks & workshops.

Keep an eye out as new things are coming for 2020!

The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine

It was with Keith Robertson FNIMH & Nicola Dee Kelly MNIMH that I lived for a year and helped as a garden elf.

Keith has a wonderful Veganics Herb Farm set on the beautiful Island of Arran in Scotland. He runs a popular 2 month apprenticeship every year which you can apply for after completing his extensive Herbal medicine home-study program. 

He also runs a 2 week Celtic Herbal medicine intensive course every June along with a few other workshops throughout the year with Nicola. It’s all vegan and the food is absolutely incredible and lots is grown in the garden.

The Irish Registry of Herbalists (IRH)

This is Ireland’s main Herbal Registry.

Registration in Ireland & UK is voluntary but allows to assure that a practitioner meets the minimum safe requirements for treating people. It protects both the practitioner and the patient.

The IRH is a LOT more than just a regulator. It funds and organises many Herbal projects throughout Ireland such as Herb Patch, bringing plants to schools, or Herb Bike, a charity running in Dublin and providing free herbal clinics and knowledge to people in need. 

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