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What is a Herbal Consultation?

A Herbal Consultation allows you the time to address your health issues by looking for the root cause(s) of disease. I will go through your medical history, presenting ailments, help and inform you on health matters. At the end of the consultation, instead of using pharmaceutical drugs, you will be offered herbal medicine in the form of capsulesliquid extracts or infusions as well as adjunct lifestyle advice and tips to help you improve your health. The medicine will be individualised to your own needs. It is usually dispensed as a tincture in a 300ml bottle which will do you for the month and the addition of a herbal infusion.

Herbal Medicine is not just about using plants as medicines, it is about learning to take your health into your own hands, to listen to your body and to be educated on how to live a balanced lifestyle.

As your herbalist, I will support and guide you to improve your health, converse with your GP or other consultants when appropriate and do research into a condition when required. This is all done within the parameters of patient confidentiality

First consultations must be done in person. While in-person consultations are preferred, online consultations can be arranged after the initial consultation.


I travel between locations on a monthly basis. Below are the areas I can be found. 

– Bangor and Belfast, Co. Down / Antrim
– Dundalk, Co. Louth
– Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin
– Co. Kerry, coming soon.

Home Visits

I can do home visits with my travelling apothecary. Mileage cost contribution can be discussed on application if far afield from above locations.

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Celtic Fox Herbal
Celtic Fox Herbal

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Medical Herbalist?

    A Medical Herbalist is a medically trained and insured practitionner who usually belongs to a Professional Association. In my case, I am registered with to the Irish Register of Herbalists.

    How long does a Herbal Consultation last?

    Unlike a biomedical doctor’s appointment where you have 15mins, a consultation with a medical herbalist is much longer.

    The initial consultation can take up to 1 hour and a half as you will be going through your entire medical history. Follow-ups are usually on a monthly basis and can last up to 1 hour.

    Where is the medicine sourced from?

    The medicine I use has either been manufactured by myself or from an official supplier for Herbalists. My focus is on organicLocal plants as I believe we should be using plants our bodies are adjusted to within our environment. 

    Fees – How much does a Herbal Consultation cost?

    You will be paying for the cost of the consultation and any additional medicines. Usually the first consultation will cost £85 when including the standard 300ml bottle of individualised herbal medicine. Follow up consultations usually occur on a monthly basis and would cost £67.


    The first consultation lasting up to 1hour 30 will cost £63 / 72€
    Any follow-up consultations will cost £45 / 52€


    100ml Bottle £9 / 10€
    300ml Bottle (Monthly dose) £21 / €23
    50g Herbs £9 / 10€

    Personal finanaical position is considered on an individual basis for relief on the fee.


    Co. Dublin, Rathfarnam
    Co. Louth, Bellurgan Park
    Co. Down, Bangor
    Co. Kerry

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