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Hello folks! I’m Lugh Ó hErodain Dip Herb Med mIRH. (English name: Luke Heron).
I’m a Medical Herbalist, foraging instructor and naturopath based in Ireland. I am registered with the Irish Register of Herbalists, the largest Professional Association for Clinical Herbalists in Ireland and I am a member of the Association of Foragers.

I was born and bred in an Irish household in France. I was lucky to have been able to enjoy the freedom of the countryside in a small village in the middle of the Champagne region called Essômes-sur-marne. I spent most of my time outside and was surrounded by local stories about animals, plants and their value. I just generally ran wild in the local forests and through the vineyard hill. My life’s journey brought me to a full dedication to nature. It began after leaving my career behind which I worked in for over a decade after moving over to Northern Ireland. I fell ill, both physically and mentally while working religiously 5 days a week, 9am to 5pm, in between the four walls of an office. After a decade of living under the pressures of modern life and having bad lifestyle habits, my health was down the chute, I never spent time outside and my stress levels where off the chart.

It was thanks to my (re)discovery of a more natural lifestyle and the determination to get better that I found my health again. I received great help and support by herbalists and peers who both treated me and taught me so much.

I wanted to be three things as a child: a gardener, a chef and a doctor. I was told back then that it was impossible, yet here I am, registered Medical Herbalist. A career encompassing all three of my passions. Now that I’m much happier, empowered and ambitious, I want to share this wonderful new perspective of life with those who will listen through my experiences, workshops, walks and talks.

What I Do


My Herbal Clinic allows me to treat and advise patients using herbal medicines, lifestyle adjustments and using diagnostic tools.

Foraging WALKS

I take people out on different landscapes to discover Ireland’s native plants, their use as food and medicine. Connecting people to nature. 


I do talks on herbs & general health and I teach people how to make their own natural preparations, from creams, syrups and preserves.


I love researching new things and bringing to light “lost” knowledge or coming to conclusions doing experiments. I also do some translating of old French herbal litterature.

My Approach & Philosophy

In a world built on the basis that scientia potentia est – knowledge is power – it only makes sense that the more you are informed the easier it will be to navigate through the maze of modern life. To remain ignorant or simply clueless about the world is not far, if not the same, as handing your freedom and health to anyone who claims to know better than you. The power of informed decision is what drives me to share the important knowledge of plants, health and nature. We are in a complicated world with many whisperers and opinions. We live in a soup of information and misinformation from companies, governments, religious groups or individual, be it fuelled by good or bad intentions.

Literally nothing is as simple as black or white, so understanding the risks and benefits of certain aspects of life will improve your life drastically your journey through the different shades of colour. Nature has been one of the key answers to improve my own quality of life. I want to share this with anyone wanting to listen as I simply know, in my own experience, how powerful the knowledge of nature is.

Follow my journey, my thoughts and my ideas. If you want to know more, why don’t you keep an eye out for any foraging walks or workshops I’ll be running?

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I feel that this is a good place to acknowledge my mentors and the most important people encouraging me through this Journey:

– To my principal and mentor Danny O’Rawe ND MSc FIRHM who is training & shaping me into the Herbalist I’m to become. A healer, activist and walking encyclopedia of herbal medicine, science both modern, empirical and esoteric, combining everything in the most comprehensive of courses out there.

– To Keith Robertson MSc FNIMH to whom I was an apprentice for a year on his herb farm on the Isle of Arran. During the early days into the world of plants, Keith sparked a passion in me far more intense than I would ever imagine possible & taught me valuable core aspects of herbal medicine along with the deeper connection one can make with Spirit & nature.

– To Nicola Dee Kelly MSc MNIHM who gave me insight and perspectives on life, taught me how herbal medicine can help and be used daily and the experiences we have as humans. We talked lots about the deeper things of life, how to balance between the masculine & feminine energy, perspectives. I reminisce our long discussions accompanied by a hot whisky.

– To Bernard Harris MNIHM a great herbalist who has pushed & encouraged me to get out there, to grow and share the wonderful plant knowledge. With whom I am grateful of the ongoing support and who I am working on numerous projects with. 

– To Vilma Matuleviciute MSc ND BCST FIRH who is just an overall incredible and experienced herbalist & teacher. Her approach and advice in student clinic, along with Danny, are building the foundations that will cultivate me into a Herbal Practitionner. She is motivated and caring. Always with a smile, considerate and kind.

– To John McCormick who runs Helen’s Bay organic farm & and all the other fantastic people working there, like David, who encourage and teach me about growing wonderful clean food,  plants and sustainability.

– And to the many other wildlings, herbalists, wildcrafters and protectors of nature who have influenced me. You know who you are. Thank you!


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