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Do you want to address the root cause of a condition you suffer from? Or improve the functions of the your body in daily life?

A Herbal Consultation allows you the time to address your health issues by looking for the root cause(s) of disease. Unlike a standard GP appointment, the initial consultation with a medical herbalist can take up to 1 hour and a half with follow-ups lasting up to 1 hour. During your consultation, you will be offered herbal medicines as capsules, liquid extracts or infusions as well as adjunct lifestyle advice to help you improve your own health.

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Matricaria chamomilla

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“Unless there's wildness around you, something terrible happens to the wildness inside of you.”
- John Moriarty

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I dream when looking at these small delights for the day they grow into honey-scented golden spires, teaming with pollinators and honey bees near the end of summer.

This intriguing plant that grows so well in the herb garden is called Goldenrod. It is not native to here, it was a gift, but it has taken well to the soil. It is a potent medicine that was used by Native North American peoples and used for urinary issues and infectious wounds.

Solidago canadensis is a member of the daisy family and grows tightly packed together in large clumps. Its intricate system of rhizomes allows it to expand but always reaches a point where it conveniently stops.

The particular uses of this species of the genus are elusive to me. Compared to its other counterparts such as our local Solidago virgaurea, known as Slat Óir in Irish, it doesn’t seem to have as much information in the old books.

This Canadian Goldenrod is noted for being diuretic and having weak spasmolytic effects (relieving muscle spasms) and anti-inflammatory actions. Saponins have also been mentioned in research which suggests more complex actions exist.

The German Commission E monographs approved its use for urinary tract infections and to treat kidney or bladder stones.

Some anecdotal traditional uses involve using large amounts of this herb to help flush out the urinary system and sooty inflammatory of the lower tract.

It is an exotic curiosity I enjoy watching grow, especially for the reward of its sweet pollen that brushes the air when blooming. Hopefully I can learn more about it as I journey with it.

If you know anything about Solidago canadensis, please do share in the comments!

Beannachtaí glasa,
Lugh 🦊🌿

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Day 2 of the fresh Navelwort crude Tincture is promising. Go hiontach!
As you can see, it has turned into a bright green colour, I’ll be surprised if it stays that way as most tinctures turn amber during maceration. 🌿

It’s important to take note of these things as it indicates a change in chemistry, and therefore how it’s going to work in the body on a biological level.

Navelwort was used as a love potion which I’d usually imagine to be red. Then again they do say that green is an energetically happy colour! 🧪

I’m looking forward to tasting it, it could be delicious or absolutely disgusting. Drying Navelwort makes it taste like fish… I hope this doesn’t happen when tincturing it.

What do you imagine it will taste like?
Conas a bheidh blas air?

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing,
Beannachtaí glasa

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Cornán Caisil - Umbilicus rupestris - Navelwort

Found around the land close to the Mediterranean sea, North Africa and Ireland, Navelwort is a succulent that loves to grow on the rocky walls and up the old stone buildings of Ireland. Tasty and nutritious as a foraging plant, they also have a long standing historical use as a herbal medicine. It is unfortunate that a wee plant so incredible has fell out of use.

Beannachtaí glasa

PS. Don’t mind my up-turned collar. I’ll look in the mirror next time… 😅🦊🌳

This was filmed at @carrauntoohil_eco_farm

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Ivy cream is available! There is a limited amount here. PM me or the link is in bio.

Inspired by the French Eclectic Doctors of the 20th century who brought forth many advances in herbal medicine 🌿.

These Doctors used Ivy internally for bronchitis, whooping coughs and any affliction of the respiratory system that requires an expectorant to help clear the lungs. It also helps get relief from spasmodic coughs.

Topically, these doctors used ivy to treat cellulitis, by soothing and removing the pain. They used it to treat scar tissue, stretch marks or cellulite in their clinics with success.

This plant-based cream contains the decoction of Ivy leaf (70%) along with meadowsweet infused oil, rose water and a few carefully selected essential oils. Ingredients have been foraged in the wild at @helensbayorganic or organically sourced elsewhere.

I first made this cream for my inflamed skin, to treat some scars, and to moisturise and tone it. Some of my testers claim it leaves a long lasting smoothness on the skin. Why don’t you find out for yourself? Or get it as a gift for someone this Christmas.

I am currently around the Greater Belfast area until the new year, I can deliver or meet you if you are close, otherwise I can send via post. However, it may come after Christmas through the post. I will be through Dublin then Kerry after the New Year.

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Announcer of the seasons
Keeper of the weary soul.
The hawthorn tree is steeped in myth and legends, it is a portal belonging to the Sidhe, the fairy people.
If you ask a farmer if they would cut down a fairy tree, they would say no. Many a curse, misfortunes bestowed, bear close to those who would cut this beautiful tree, found as hedgerows and in the wild of Éire as lone bushes. Even in the modern age, we hear stories of things gone wrong when the tree has been removed.
Known as Whitehorn or Maybush due to its timely white blooms in May, this tree holds the 6th consonant of the Ogham Alphabet and is named Sceach Gheal (bright bush in Irish).
It’s importance to the Gaels is so, that they featured it in the Breton Tree Law in Aithig fedo (commoner of the wood) and one would have to give cattle for cutting down or breaking large branches off the tree.
Mí Lúnasa (August) marks the beginning of Fómhar (Autumn) in the Irish language, and that is when the berries begin to ripen on the Hawthorn trees.
The beautiful red berries contain antioxidants, pectins and sugars, they are edible but don’t have a strong flavour. They were traditionally used in medicine, while now the flowers and leaves are mostly used. It is a tonic, with an affinity to the cardiovascular system. Notably, it tones the muscles of the heart, increasing its contractions, and improving its function to regulate low or high blood pressure. It improves circulation by dilating the coronary arteries, thus supporting people with heart disease.
In addition to that it has a nerve function and helps offer relief from stress and makes energy more available facilitating a gentle reversal of ageing.
We should really all be drinking its infusion!
On account of the pectins in the berries, check out my 3 berry video on InstaTV from a year ago. The haws turned my honey into a jam! It’s a great time to go out foraging these, and remember to leave plenty for wildlife.
Beannachtaí glasa
Fox 🦊🌿

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